For me what I love about HypnoBirthing™ is that it’s about changing your mind-set about pregnancy and birth, challenging assumptions; and igniting your curiosity to learn more about your birthing choices; about empowering women to make their own informed decisions; and ultimately, about being an active participant in this amazing phase of their lives, which will no doubt have a huge impact in the rest of it. I believe that every woman deserves a beautiful, calm, and postive labour and birth, just as I experienced, whatever that looks like for YOU, so here I am offering classes!

About Me

All Marie Mongan Method HypnoBirthing™ Practitioners display a Gold Seal on their websites.  The Gold Seal guarantees that I am fully approved and certified by the original HypnoBirthing™ Institute, which means you can have the security of knowing that I will teach you the official HypnoBirthing™ – The Marie Mongan Method programme, in a format that ensures you have the best chance of achieving a wonderful birth with all the preparation designed to help and support you.

Setting up Calma Birthing HypnoBirthing and teaching HypnoBirthing™ was not something I had ever imagined I would be doing, with a background in Property Law, but without a shadow of a doubt I cannot imagine a more full filling and worthwhile existence that has become a love and a passion for me being able to help empower other couples to have a calm and comfortable birth, just as I experienced.  I am very lucky to live in the very beautiful village of Abberley in the Worcestershire Countryside close to where I grew up as a child, with my two gorgeous (and exhausting!) boys, and our very cute labrador puppy Flynn, who are my inspiration.  I am a full time mum and I am also a twice over HypnoBirthing™ mummy, which is why I have such empathy with my mums!

What is a HypnoBirthing™ Practitioner?

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It’s not that I am brand loyal, I am experience loyal, having used this method for both my positive births!

My Mission


"And also a twice over HypnoBirthing™ Mummy which is why I have such empathy with my mums.  Both my births were amazing and I put it all down to HypnoBirthing".

Owner, founder and Certified HypnoBirthing™ Practitioner & twice over HypnoBirthing™ Mummy!

I trained as a HypnoBirthing™ Practitioner in 2013 and I am affiliated and regulated by the original HypnoBirthing™ Institute.  I am a highly qualified birthing professional distinguished through education, experience, motivation, and dedication to the principles and philosophy of HypnoBirthing™ and mother-directed birthing.  I must continually meet the requirements as set down by the Executive Board of the HypnoBirthing™ Institute, together with submission of class reports and class evaluations from clients.  In addition to this each year I must re-apply for my certification from the Institute through evidence of continued professional development, ensuring that I am up to date with all current practices.  Please check my listing on the Practitioner Directory on the official HypnoBirthing™ Institutes  official website 


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The Gold Seal

Marie “Mickey” Mongan is the guru of hypnobirthing upon which all other methods are based and her courses are accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM).  I teach The Marie Mongan Method of HypnoBirthing™ which is the longest running community dedicated to using hypnosis in childbirth. It was founded in the United States in early 1989 by our beloved Marie “Mickey” Mongan, who sadly passed away peacefully in June 2019 leaving this amazing legacy, who was a licensed counsellor and former dean of a small women’s college. The Marie Mongan Method of HypnoBirthing™ is the pioneer and leader in birth education with hypnosis. Several decades and thousands of classes later, HypnoBirthing™ is the most widely used childbirth hypnosis program in the world. Today, there are HypnoBirthing™ practitioners in 46 countries around the world who are helping women become aware of the benefits of calm, instinctive birthing for themselves and their babies.  In the UK HypnoBirthing™: The Marie Mongan Method has not been registered, so instead of using the ® symbol ™ is used.  As a result of this, there are many people in the UK offering HypnoBirthing™ courses, but the Marie Mongan Method is the original method and we believe it is still the best!

The Marie Mongan Method

– The original and still the best!

After being on a journey of several failed pregnancies, I decided very early on in my first son’s pregnancy that I wanted as safe, calm and relaxed birth as possible for him and us.  I was convinced there must be a different way to the stressful scenes usually shown on television for example programs like OBEM One Born Every Minute, which I am sure you all watch!  I was also also classed as an older mother at 39 year's old with my first son's pregnancy and felt like I needed some tools to help me feel confident in making informed decisions.  That’s when I discovered HypnoBirthing™ through a friend and just understanding how your birthing body is designed to work opened my eyes hugely, and it also showed me that it was a real team effort.

Ever since I experienced my own two beautifully calm, relaxed and comfortable births in 2013 and 2014 using HypnoBirthing™ I can truly say it was the most wonderful experience of my life, and I felt so empowered that I knew I had to share these amazing skills and philosophy with other expectant mums and dads-to-be.  So I trained in HypnoBirthing™, and became a fully qualified and registered HypnoBirthing™ Practitioner in 2013.  I am happy to say that I am one of the 70% of HypnoBirthing™ mums that didn’t need any form of pain relief, not even gas and air, and I can say hand on heart that I enjoyed both my labours and births.

Childbirth is one of the most vulnerable and empowering things a woman can ever do – there is nothing that even compares to that feeling of giving birth to your baby, there are no dress rehearsals and HypnoBirthing™ helps ensure that those memories, that will last a lifetime, are positive and empowering ones.

 I love my job, and feel extremely lucky to meet so many amazing couples and share in their special journey’s!